Freshly Roasted Coffee


Freshly Roasted Coffee


A boutique coffee roaster in the heart of Edinburgh's Stockbridge.


Now open, our coffee shop and roastary in Trinity!




Welcome to the Mr Eion website!

After what seems like years of promises it is finally here.

As with our shop in Stockbridge we are starting small but adding new items and features as we go. 

If you come across any problems let us know here.

Have a browse around and let us know what you think!


Meet the team

Meet the team



Favourite Coffee: At the moment it’s the Nicaraguan Maragogype. Light, fruity and perfect for the warmer weather!
Favourite Café in Edinburgh: Filament in Trinity. Relaxed space, dog friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Why coffee? I find it endlessly fascinating. There is always something new to try; a new varietal from a country that doesn’t typically grow that coffee, a new process, variations to roasting and brewing. It all has an impact on the final product.
What are you up to when you’re not obsessing over coffee? I don’t understand the question.
Favourite Marvel Superhero: Mark Ruffalo. Does that count? No? Then probably Spiderman.



Favourite Coffee: Our Peru Pan De Arbol. I really like the mix of chocolate and stone fruit acidity and they work together beautifully.
Favourite Café in Edinburgh: Baba Budan. Cos o’ them donuts.
Why Coffee? I’ve been working in cafes for a few years but was always interested in the process of going from green beans to cup. This seemed like the perfect place to explore that.
What are you up to when not obsessing over coffee? Photography and video games.
Favourite Marvel Superhero: Spiderman. Cos he’s a big ol’ nerd and I can relate to that.



Favourite Coffee: The Nicaraguan Maragogype. It’s a bit different than what I’d usually drink but it’s nice and light, floral and fruity.
Favourite Café in Edinburgh: Cobalt Coffee. Adam works extremely hard, cares so much about every single cup that he puts out and true to his efforts, every coffee I’ve had from there has been exceptional.
Why Coffee? I’ve worked in the food industry since school and developed an obsession for coffee when traveling in New Zealand. I saw the job here and jumped at the opportunity to learn more.
What are you up to when not obsessing over coffee? Most of my spare time is taken up by food and drink, but I love spending time outdoors – camping, kayaking etc.
Favourite Marvel Superhero: Black Panther. He feels different from other superheroes and his story is unique.


Favourite Coffee: Our Ethiopian Limu! It’s tart but it’s such a juice-bomb that it works amazing hot but really pops as a cold brew.
Favourite Café in Edinburgh: Fortitude café for me. I’m a huge cold brew fan and in my opinion theirs is some of the best in Edinburgh – not to mention they serve it all year round.
Why Coffee? I like flavours. Coffee, beer, wine, food – anything fun I can taste, I’m down. My favourite thing is watching someone’s eyes light up when they try a coffee that opens them up to a completely new experience. I love watching people fall in love with it just as I have and being a part of that is incomparable.
What are you up to when not obsessing over coffee? Smacking myself in the face with hula hoops, hanging off of poles at Pivot Pole Studio, and finding tap takeovers or kitchen pop ups to feed my flavour obsession.
Favourite Marvel Superhero: Captain Marvel. Her ultimate motivation is that she just wants to help people. And she doesn’t take any crap.


Favourite Coffee: Eion won't let me drink coffee. 
Favourite Café in Edinburgh: The ones that let me in. And feed me.
Why Coffee? :tea-kettle whine:
What are you up to when you’re not obsessing over coffee? Eating, sleeping and barking at squirrels.
Favourite Marvel Superhero: Jessica Jones. She’d probably let me eat off the table.